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iPhone 5 blueprint is more evidence of taller 4-inch screen

A schematic purportedly detailing the next iPhone has leaked, and chimes with earlier evidence of a taller 4-inch display.

A blueprint purportedly showing Apple's next iPhone has appeared online, providing yet more evidence that the company's next effort will feature a taller casing with a 4-inch display.

As well as looking like a cat burglar's ploy to infiltrate a gigantic iPhone, the scintillating schematic -- acquired by Cydia Blog -- chimes with leaked casing photos that appeared the other day.

Those images painted a picture of a longer iPhone, with a display that's the same width but slightly taller. Earlier reports suggested this elongated display would give you a roughly 16:9 ratio when you spin the phone on its side.

Number crunching the schematic's 90.1x51.42mm "active area mask" for where the phone's display will be attached gives a diagonal length of 103.74mm, which translates to 4.08 inches (thanks, online hypotenuse calculator). As MacRumours points out, the viewable display will likely be a bit smaller than the casing's opening, so a screen measuring 4 inches or thereabouts seems correct.

Another detail that matches across leaks is the front-facing camera being moved into the centre of the phone's frame. The casing snaps from several days ago also pointed to the headphone socket being moved to the iPhone's underside, and a metal stripe across the phone's rump.

Wise gadgeteers will take these rumoured leaks with a pinch of salt, but it's interesting that several leaks within a few days have all pointed to the same taller design.

If this proves to be the real look for the next iPhone, we'll have to question whether a slightly bigger screen is reason enough to upgrade. Apple's most tempting treats generally lie in the software department though -- if you want a real taste of the Cupertino company's next smart phone, keep your eyes peeled on 11 June, when Apple's tipped to show off iOS 6.

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Image credit: MacRumours