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iPhone 5 Australian turn-by-turn nav coming in October

Australians will be getting turn-by-turn navigation on their iPhones after all, with an update from Apple expected shortly after the release of iOS 6.

After it was revealed last week that iOS Maps would not offer turn-by-turn navigation in Australia, Apple updated its iOS Features Availability page to say that Australia will indeed be getting turn-by-turn directions in Maps, with an iOS update expected in October.

(Credit: Apple)

Australia is one of nine countries that Apple expects to cover with voice-guided navigation, after the initial roll-out of iOS 6 in late September. This is arguably an important functionality for the iPhone to have for Australian customers, given that the same is available on all of the iPhone's major Android-powered competitors via Google Maps and Navigation.

The iOS Feature Availability page points out a few other key areas of Apple's OS for Aussies to get excited about, especially the integration of business searches to the Siri voice assistant, including restaurant reviews and geo-specific searches.