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iPhone 5 and new iPod touch and nano in news roundup video

Lost track of the latest Apple news? This short video will sort you out!

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Struggling to keep track of all the latest Apple news? I don't blame you, as the company has just unleashed a barrage of new technology, including the much-anticipated iPhone 5.

Hit play on the video above to hear all the latest on Apple's sixth blower, as well as the brand-new iPod touch and iPod nano. You'll also get a glimpse at the new version of iTunes that's coming in late October.

iPhone 5

Let's start with the iPhone 5, which will feature a bigger, 4-inch display. That means you'll get to watch movies with fewer annoying black bars, and you're treated to an extra row of apps on the homescreen.

Despite being bigger, the phone itself is thinner and lighter than its predecessor. It weighs 112g compared to the 140g iPhone 4S, and it's very slim at 7.6mm. Exciting news for Brits is that the iPhone 5 will be compatible with the first 4G network in the UK, that's the new network from EE, and will get you speedier mobile data.

There's a new processor in the shape of the A6 chip, which Apple claims is twice as fast at the A5 chip in the iPhone 4S, while battery life is pegged at 8 hours call time on 4G.

There's a new panorama mode for taking massive landscape photos, and Apple says the 8-megapixel camera boasts improved image stabilisation. There's face detection in camcorder mode, and the ability to take photos while you're recording video.

There's a new 'Lightning' port on the bottom which will handle charging, and on the software side this phone will be running iOS 6, which brings a completely revamped Maps app among other treats.

The iPhone 5 comes out on 21 September, with pre-orders starting on 14 September. My first impressions are that this is a fairly modest upgrade, but that a bigger screen and 4G are important updates if Apple wants to fend off competition from the likes of Samsung.

iPod touch and iPod nano

As well as a brand new iPhone, Apple has also shown off a new iPod touch and a new iPod nano. The touch is just 6.1mm thick and also has a 4-inch display, as well as Siri and that Panorama mode I mentioned earlier. It comes in loads of bright colours too, and has a co-ordinated wrist strap called the Loop.

The new nano meanwhile is even thinner at 5.4mm thick, and also comes in loads of different colours. Both new iPods feature the Lightning port that's coming to the iPhone 5, and both come out in October, with the cheapest new touch costing £250 and the cheapest new nano costing £130.

Last and probably least, iTunes has been given a makeover. Expect a new edge-to-edge to design, a revamped MiniPlayer and a big dollop of extra iCloud, which lets you see music, movies or TV shows that you've purchased on other Apple devices.

That's all for now, but don't forget to tell me what you think of Apple's new tech in the comments below, or on our Facebook wall.