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iPhone 5 and iPad Mini launching at the same time? Why?

Some reports suggest September 12 will see both the launch of iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini. But does this make sense?

Yes, these must be bits from iPhone 5. SmartPhone Medic/YouTube Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I know that Apple likes to add one more thing to its launch events. It makes them more dramatic, like a thriller with a twist.

A question, though, is whether the itty-bitty iPad that's been rumored to arrive for a while now will be iPhone 5's one more thing.

Initially, much respect was paid to a report from iMore that both these next life-changing works of art would be revealed on September 12, with the possibility that both products would be released at the same time.

Indeed, this report even declared that an iPod nano would gatecrash the event too, which would make for a lot of, well, things.

Yet today, Daring Fireball's John Gruber wondered aloud whether this could be.

"I don't think Apple would want reviews of both a new iPhone and new-size iPad appearing at the same time," he said.

I must confess that reviewers are not the first people I think about when a new Apple product comes out. I tend to think of those impassioned, fixed-eyed hopefuls who will immediately begin sleeping outside my local Apple store.

However, Gruber went on to say that his entrails foresaw two events -- one for the iPhone and iOS 6 and one for the iPad Mini (or, as he posited, the iPad Air) together with, perhaps, a new iPod Touch or even some other musical pieces.

Let's think about the hearts and souls of the fixed-eyed hopefuls. How troubling it might be for them to discover that there are two absolutely must-have-right-now-so-that-I-can-be-first-to-get-them items announced at the same time.

Think of them having to make financial calculations. Think of one paycheck having to cover both these things -- and, who knows -- maybe even one more.

Surely Gruber is right to imagine that the iPad Mini launch will be a delayed one more thing.

Conceivably, the iPhone 5 (if that's what it truly will be called) will have a huge impact. In many eyes, it has to. It has to represent yet one more beautifully-designed step in Apple's inexorable march to move real humans and not be caught by Samsung for at least 3 months.

Why would you try and dilute the excitement?

Naturally, some will wonder that iPhone 5 really isn't all that wondrous, so a cute little iPad will somehow soften any potential distress.

But if you want to create a true physical and psychic rush, you surely let the phone have its own show.

Once it's over, and the masses are salivating like politicians at a free dinner, you slip in another invitation a few days after the rumored September 21 iPhone 5 in-store date. Yes, an invitation to that one more thing.

This way, another salary check or two will have cleared, as will have the smoke and the mirrors. Everyone will be ready for new smoke, new mirrors and another new, new thing to get excited about.