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iPhone 4S teardown, asks Siri what it's made of

The iPhone 4S has spilled its innards and shown us know every bit of technical info we could want. All is revealed here.

It might not be as pretty as an official Apple marketing shot, we admit, but this picture tells us all about what's going on under the iPhone 4S's bonnet.

iFixit is behind the teardown (as it was with the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2 -- these guys just love breaking things open), as reported by Mac Rumors. And it throws up a few interesting tidbits about just what powers this beast.

The A5 processor is present and correct, as previously noted, and it does have 512MB of RAM, as speculated. (Apple doesn't reveal the RAM of products like the iPhone and iPad, so we have to wait for inspections like this for confirmation.) The baseband chip was also previously unannounced. We've got a Qualcomm MDM6610, which looks to be a variation on the MDM6600 used in the iPhone 4, though there's no word on just what's different about it.

The internal layout is also much more similar to the CDMA iPhone 4 than the GSM version, though there's no word on what advantage this would have for us, if any.

Aside from that, there are some incredibly detailed shots of the chips, along with a running commentary of what Siri would say as they poke around in its innards. (We imagine it screaming like the robot having the top of his skull removed in the Itchy & Scratchy Land episode of The Simpsons.)

The iPhone 4S goes on sale today (in about an hour, actually), so get yourself down to a store if you haven't pre-ordered. iOS5 went live on Wednesday night, with lots of people complaining of slow download speeds due to huge demand, and then iCloud went down, BlackBerry-style. So it's been a little bumpy, but we'll get there in the end.

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