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iPhone 4S price cut £120 by Vodafone

Vodafone has responded to O2's iPhone 4S deals by chopping up to £120 off the price of Apple's new smart phone.

Let the iPhone 4S price war commence! Vodafone has responded to O2's cheaper deals by chopping up to £120 off the price of Apple's new smart phone.

Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, 3 and Tesco Mobile all sell the iPhone 4S -- check out our guide to the best 4S deals. Vodafone originally announced its prices at around the same time as Orange, T-Mobile and Three, but has made changes the day after O2 announced significantly cheaper deals.

Voda has chopped a whopping £120 off the price you pay up-front for a 4S when you sign up for the cheapest monthly tariff. Several tariffs have seen reductions on the price of the phone itself, although the monthly costs remain the same.

And does the new Vodafone pricing beat O2? Nope. At least, not on pricing alone. O2's prices vary because you have to pay extra for data as a 'bolt-on', but comparing like-for-like across most contracts with Vodafone and O2, O2 still comes out cheapest.

Three still edges out Vodafone on price too, but Vodafone is now a more viable option, especially when you consider the perks that come with a Voda contract. Vodafone offers deals on events such as the V Festival, and a chunk of free browsing for BT Openzone wireless hotspots. The network will also buy back your current phone up to a value of £270.

Vodafone is currently offering unlimited data, but don't be fooled. It's a honeytrap to lure you in before returning to charging for Internet access in three months time. Three and GiffGaff are the only networks to offer ongoing unlimited data.

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