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iPhone 4S gets creamed by huge truck, keeps ticking

The sadistic-abuse-of-iOS-devices meme continues with some suburban hijinx in the name of self-promotion.

It's a bad day for this iPhone... Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

My favorite meme from 2011? The sadistic game of marketing one-upsmanship between iPad and iPhone cover makers who subject iOS devices to increasingly shocking forms of abuse.

This year we saw Apple products dipped in lava, dropped from cranes and planes and now--run over by automobiles.

Not to be outdone--lots of those airborne iOS devices landed on the grass, after all--Optrix set out to prove the ruggedness of its own iPhone case. Naturally, the whole violent ordeal was filmed and handed to a PR firm, which thinks CNET's readers "will get a kick out of it." I'm afraid I agree.

In the video embedded below, a brave iPhone 4S is popped into an Optrix HD Sport Mount case and tossed from a second-story window onto a concrete driveway so charmingly suburban it makes me ill with flashbacks to a youth wasted in 7-Elevens and Taco Bell drive-thrus.

It survives five jarring drops, but the superboss of this brutal level of abuse is a really big Dodge truck. Watch for yourself to see how the duo fares.