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iPhone 4S case roundup

We've rounded up ten of the coolest cases to suit your shiny new iPhone 4S or your iPhone 4. Don't say we never do anything for you.

We may not have the iPhone 5 yet, but the iPhone 4S is here, packing an improved camera, a faster processor and intelligent voice control. If you're going to splash your cash on one of these -- or on an iPhone 4 (they're the same size and shape) -- you're going to want a good case to go with it.

We've done the legwork for you and pulled together 10 great cases to go with your shiny new handset.

Kenzo Leather Tokyo Pouch (£44.95)

Kenzo leather case

The Kenzo Leather Tokyo Pouch wraps your new phone in fashionable cow-skin. There may be room for a platinum credit card or two as well.

Shine Case II (£24.95)

Shine case 2

If you're going to be carrying a new iPhone, you'd better look the part. Thankfully, the Shine Case II packs a mirror inside so you can sort that stupid haircut out.

BeachBuoy Waterproof Case (£14.95)

BeachBuoy waterproof case

The BeachBuoy Waterproof Case can remain watertight at depths of up to 5 metres, so dropping it in your pint no longer needs to be a worry. We don't know what's 'new and improved' about it though -- maybe it's got a longer cord or something.

Maya II Pouch (£14.95)

Maya 2

The Maya II Pouch isn't made from real leather so will suit those of you who adore cows and their big, brown eyes as we do. It's a simple case and will probably look good in a motorbiker's pocket.

iPhone 4 Battery Charger Case with Slideout Qwerty Keyboard (£49.99)

keyboard case

We won't insult your intelligence by telling you what the iPhone 4 battery charger case with slideout Qwerty keyboard does. Ok, fine -- it charges your phone via an internal battery and it has a slide-out keyboard. Happy now?

Case-mate Creatures Waddler (£19.99)

Penguin case

The search for the best iPhone case is over. The Case-mate Creatures Waddler is a penguin. We love penguins, their waddles remind us of the CNET UK team after a night on the tiles. We're not sure what case could beat this one. Perhaps...

CNET UK iPhone 4 Case (£24.99)

CNET UK case

Oh yes, it's a CNET UK iPhone 4 case. Celebrate your love of all things tech with this unbelievably stylish -- and functional -- case from LikeMyCase. Ok, so it's not actually our case, you can upload your own image if you like. Maybe head on over to our Facebook page and choose a picture from there.

Griffin Survivor Case (£29.95)

Griffin Survivor case

The Griffin Survivor case wraps your iPhone 4S in enough rubber to protect it from six-foot drops. We'd love to see it get tested to the extreme -- probably involving a tank -- just so long as it wasn't our phone trapped inside.

Twelve South BookBook Case (£49.95)

Twelve South Book case

If your first thought to that picture is, "I don't want no stinkin' books, CNET UK, give me more tech!" don't worry, there's an iPhone trapped inside it. The BookBook is a great case for convincing everyone on the bus that you're kind of a big deal.

Angry Birds case (£24.99)

Angry Birds case

Did you really think we'd do an iPhone-themed round-up and not include something about our favourite irritated avians? You can get the red, black and yellow Angry Birds or even side with the enemy and get the green pig. We'd love to suggest that you and your friends buy one of each and throw them at each other in a real-life game, but legally we're not allowed to recommend it. Sorry.