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iPhone 4 poll: Will you be buying it?

The dust has finally settled on the immense informational outpouring from Apple's WWDC 2010 conference. We have all the info on the new iPhone, but will you be buying one?

It's been a long night, but finally we have all the information on the new iPhone 4. Our initial reaction is that there's plenty here to like -- a high-resolution screen, a 5-megapixel camera and a new chip are among a host of other upgrades and improvements.

We're not really thrilled about video calling working only over Wi-Fi, and only from one iPhone 4 to another, but no one would have used it anyway. A zen-like calm has descended, and it's now time to answer the biggest question facing the Western world today:

How do we fix the Gulf oil disaster? Will you be buying an iPhone 4?

Opinion in the CNET UK office is divided -- but we want to know how the great British tech public feel.

Make your vote count in our Facebook poll by clicking this (and don't forget to click 'like' while you're there too).

As it stands, 40 per cent of voters answer "Yes -- I need this in my life RIGHT NOW" and 36 per cent reply, "I wouldn't touch one with a fifty-foot barge pole that I was planning on later throwing into a canal." Twenty-four per cent of folks sit on the fence with "Going to wait and see, but might buy one."

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