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iPhone 4 case includes removable tripod mount

The XShot iPhone 4 Case features a removable tripod mount for shooting and viewing photos and videos in landscape or portrait.

Click to view larger. XShot

About a month ago we first saw the Glif, a cleverly designed tripod mount and stand for the iPhone 4. But that seemingly can't be used with a case and is still preorder only with no real availability date. The XShot iPhone 4 Case, on the other hand, is a two-piece, slim hard case that protects the back and sides of the device, but also comes with a removable tripod mount and will be shipping soon.

To use it, you just snap the case on and slide the mount into notches on the bottom or lower left side of the case and then you lock it into place. I wish the bump-out for the notches wasn't necessary, and if you want to use a dock you'll have to remove the case. Otherwise, it looks like a solid design and it means you can easily change orientation for shooting and viewing photos and videos in landscape or portrait. XShot includes a mini tripod, which looks like it would be good for FaceTime and watching video hands-free as well as taking pictures.

If your iPhone 4 has become your primary camera, and I know for a lot of people it has, the XShot is probably worth the $25 investment when it comes out at the end of November. It's available for preorder now, and if you enter "sneakpeekIP4" at checkout it'll knock $5 off the price until November 11.

Also, if you frequently take self-portraits, check out the company's compact camera extenders. They're definitely nice to have when you don't want to hand off your iPhone or camera to strangers and eliminate that awkward arm-in-the-shot thing.