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iPhone 4: 3 network's data-friendly deals

3 has revealed its iPhone 4 deals, and as we hoped, they're pretty tasty -- especially if you're a big Web user

3 has revealed its iPhone 4 deals, and as we hoped, they're pretty tasty. Apple's new phone will be available on 24-month contract, SIM-only or pay as you go tariffs. 3 is offering 1GB of Internet use with every contract, which is the best data deal we've seen so far. 

3 has some decent SIM-only and pay as you go deals. Once you've got your iPhone handset direct from Apple, a 3 micro SIM will cost you £15 per month for 300 free minutes, 3,000 texts and 2,000 calls to other 3 mobiles. All iPhone deals, including contract and SIM-only, come with 1GB Internet use -- that's matched only by Tesco Mobile.

The cheapest contract deal costs £30 per month, netting you 500 minutes and 5,000 minutes to call other 3 phones. All the contracts come with 5,000 texts.

Like most of the other networks, 3 is offering one option to get the phone for free. Commit to 24 months on the top £45 contract and you'll get a free 16GB handset with 2,000 minutes, 5,000 texts and 5,000 minutes to 3 phones. A 32GB model on the top contract will cost you £90 up front.

iPhone 4

The contracts all last 24 months, although 3 told us 18-month contracts will be on the cards shortly. If you're an existing 3 customer, the network has set aside an iPhone 4 and micro SIM with your name on it, but hasn't yet announced options to buy your way out of your current contract.

3 has handily put together its own comparison of the network deals, although it has sneakily left out Tesco Mobile. For the full picture, and our top picks, check out our iPhone 4 network comparison, which we'll update with 3's prices shortly.