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iPhone 3G + $9.95 a month = lots of iPorn

iRoticNet brings lots and lots of porn videos to your iPhone.

Last year, Playboy made the original iPhone sexier with iPlayboy, a package of Playmate-featuring wallpapers and photos for the Apple handset. But what if sexier is still not sexy enough?

It's self-explanatory, really. iRoticNet

Taking advantage of the new iPhone 3G's fast mobile-data connection, iRoticNet today announced plans to premiere an adult video destination designed specifically for the iPhone 3G.

The company said it would offer a huge amount of content from dozens of studios at a much lower cost than other services. For about $10 per month, subscribers will get unlimited access to hundreds of full-length movies and more than 1,000 clips. Now that's a lot of pornography.

The service is available worldwide to anyone who can legally view adult material. It's also compatible with the original iPhone. However, iRoticNet recommends that due to the lack of 3G speed, users of the original iPhone would probably want a Wi-Fi connection.

Personally I am not surprised by this new offering. Currently, mobile adult content is a $1.7 billion business, and considering the ubiquity of the phone, this is just inevitable. By the way, when I volunteered to write about this, my co-worker Joseph Kaminski--a longtime iPhone owner--immediately asked, "Are you trying to get a free subscription from this blog?" Well, that sounds like a good deal, but I really need to be able to get an iPhone 3G first.