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iPad waistcoat straps you to your tablet

One moment it's a hooded waistcoat, and the next you'll be blowing the minds of all in the vicinity as you rip the item open to reveal your concealed iPad.

iPad waistcoat

We love the iPad and, ever since that big HR meeting, we've learned to love clothes too. Consequently, we're sweating with excitement at the thought of this iPad-stashing waistcoat, which transforms into a trendy man bag. It's the perfect accessory for the tablet-toting chap or chapette about town.

The design is the result of a competition run by accessories manufacturer Proporta and the presumably bedecked London College of Fashion. Our very own mobile guru Flora Graham sat on the judging panel, which is how we know this transforming gadget gilet is the creme de la creme of tech fashion.

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