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iPad UK release delayed again

Apple has pushed back the UK release date of the iPad -- again. Calamity of calamities!

Bored of the iPad yet? It isn't even out yet, and the British release date has been pushed back even further. Although you can still pre-order your Apple tablet computer, you won't be swiping your sticky fingers over its glossy face until 7 June.

The pre-order page on Apple's Web site now reads the new date, a full ten days after the planned 28 May release date -- which was itself pushed back from the original April release. 

If you've already pre-ordered, don't worry: you'll still get your iPad on 28 May. We think Apple has sold its first batch to red-hot early adopters like you and is waiting for more stock.

That means many British Apple fans won't be using their iPad as a skateboard any time soon, but it does give us exta time to weigh up the best 3G tariffs from Vodafone, Orange and O2. Hardware prices start at £430 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model, and go up to £700 for the 64GB 3G version.

That has been today's iPad news. More soon, no doubt.