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iPad survives 400m drop thanks to case

If you're looking for a tough case for your iPad, this one will survive a 400m drop from a parachute. Check out the video.

If you're like us, the biggest hazard facing your iPad is tea spillage. We understand there are some more adventurous types out there though, and this is one for them.

It's an iPad case that can protect the device from a 400m drop, reports TUAW. That's right, click through to see the video of the iPad still working following the plummet. Gnarly. Or something.

The Pepsi Max-types in the film -- which you can watch here -- jump out of a plane, with nothing but parachutes to keep them from plummeting to their respective deaths. Cue much posing with the iPads (and those 'grin and bear it' looks only those into extreme sports and body builders can pull off). The parachutes open, and they wave their fingers about.

Then both parachutists zip up their iPads in their G-Form cases (the Extreme Edge and Extreme Portfolio, if you're interested), and let them drop. From 1,300 feet (around 400m). Just like that.

They land, scurry over to the fallen tablets, and -- hey presto -- they're working, ready to carry on showing the movies from where they left off. Disappointingly, not Point Break.

Both cases use G-Form's RPT technology, which was originally developed to protect athletes from impacts. In the video one of the parachutists is wearing the company's kneepads too, and if he's willing to entrust his joints to such tech, we're willing to believe it's pretty good. 

The cases are available now from G-Form's website, the Extreme Edge for £50, the Extreme Portfolio for £90. Both look pretty bulky, but that's the price you pay if you want to drop your iPad from dizzying heights, we suppose.