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iPad running Flash, Firefox and Photoshop*, thanks to Air Display

This picture shows the impossible: the iPad playing Flash! browsing in Firefox! doodling in Photoshop! And it's all down to Air Display

*We'll say it up front: we cheated. Our picture above shows the impossible: the iPad playing random Flash games! browsing in Firefox! doodling in Adobe Photoshop! But yeah, we cheated: we used Air Display.

Air Display is an app that turns your iPhone or iPad into an extra display for your iMac or MacBook. Download the app to your iPad, and the corresponding program to your computer, connect to the same Wi-Fi and you're all set. Simply drag windows off the side of your Mac's screen, and they switch seamlessly to the iPad or iPhone.

You can then use the Mac's keyboard or mouse to control what's going on on the iPad screen, or tap the iPad's touchscreen to control Firefox, Adobe Photoshop or any program you like. Flash plays like a charm, too, which may set a few veins throbbing in Steve Jobs' glistening pate.

Of course, we won't be producing any artistic masterpieces fingerpainting in Photoshop. But once the novelty of such frivolities has worn off, Air Display is great for giving you that extra bit of screen real estate. It works even if you already have a second monitor, but sadly will only allow one device at a time -- so no simultaneous iPad and iPhone action. It also allows you to take whatever you're working on and wander off with it -- as long as you stick to the same Wi-Fi network.

Air Display [iTunes link] costs £6 and is available for iPad or iPhone.