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iPad mini to start at £205 in the US

The iPad mini could cost between £205 and £330 for different versions -- in the US, anyway.

With one day to go, word on the street is hotting up. The latest is that the iPad mini could cost at least £205 -- in the US, anyway.

The Dolly Parton and Apple fans over at 9to5Mac quote the $330 US price as the minimum for the new iPad mini, which is set to be unveiled tomorrow. They also say there will be three flavours of iPad mini, each with a different amount of memory for an extra hundred bucks. So prices are expected to be a minimum of $330, $430 and $530.

In British money, that works out at £205, £268, and £330. 

That's a fair bit more expensive than the £125 US folk are charged for a Google Nexus 7, the iPad mini's stiffest competition. Over here the Nexus 7 starts at £160. I suspect that the price gap between Nexus and mini will be roughly the same size when converted to English prices, with the Mini costing a fair chunk more than £205. 

As always, British prices will be higher, although that's partly due to VAT. The new iPad starts at £400, while the older iPad 2 stars at £330.

The iPad mini is expected to be a 7.85-inch tablet with a 4:3 screen. So far we've seen leaked photos of the casing, complete with Lightning port. For our thoughts on the rumours and what we'd like to see in the mini, press play below to check out our complete guide to the sawn-off slate.

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We'll be bringing you all the latest news and first impressions of the iPad mini when it launches, so keep it CNET on Tuesday from 6pm.

How much would you pay for an iPad mini -- or has the Nexus 7 already sewn up the market for smaller slates? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.