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iPad Mini steals Surface presale thunder

Apple teases a likely iPad Mini announcement right as Microsoft sets the price for its Surface tablet, and Boxee TV puts a new twist on DVRs.

Tuesday's CNET Update scratches beyond the Surface:

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Microsoft is now taking preorders for the Surface tablet, which starts at $499. Today's tech news roundup looks at the prices and keyboard accessories for Microsoft's competitor to the iPad.

But just one hour after Surface details are released, Apple sends out a notice that it will have a media announcement on October 23, which is likely the iPad Mini. So the speculation continues for another week.

Facebook has added some quirky emoticon options to use in comments, chat and private messages. When a .

If you like your phone screens extra large, then get excited for the Galaxy Note II. This 5.5-inch screen Android will be sold at Sprint on October 25, and has new features for the S-Pen Stylus.

Take a gander at the updated Foursquare.com. The site has a new search tool that anyone can use to find recommendations and nearby places -- no account required. Foursquare is becoming less about earning points and becoming mayor, and more about being a useful tool, like Yelp.

Boxee TV is putting a new twist on the DVR. The system has no internal storage, it saves all your television recordings in the cloud. And there are no storage limits. It costs $99 but also requires a $15 monthly subscription. Boxee TV has its own antenna for recording over-the-air TV and it can pick up some basic cable. It doesn't pause live TV like a typical DVR, but it does let you record two shows at once. Recordings can also be watched through the Boxee website. It hits stores November 1 and will launch with eight markets.


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