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iPad Mini rumors ramp up

Apple may reveal the iPad Mini this month, the Nest Learning Thermostat gets cooler, and LinkedIn wants you to follow the leader.

Tuesday's CNET Update turns up the heat:

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More rumors about the iPad Mini are cropping up. We've previously heard that the iPad Mini may be unveiled in October, but a source tells Fortune that Apple will send press invites next week for an October announcement. In addition, a Japanese Apple blog says a Brazilian factory has begun production of the iPad Mini, and other blogs have been showing purported images of parts, including rear casings and screen covers.

The "sexy" thermostat is back. Nest 2.0, the second generation of the learning thermostat, is 20 percent thinner and compatible with more home systems. It costs about $250 and will be available mid-October. There's also a software update for anyone who bought the original Nest, which came out less than a year ago.

It's possible that the Verizon Wi-Fi iPhone 5 bug is also affecting iPhone 5 devices on other carriers. The glitch caused some Verizon iPhone 5 units to eat up valuable data allotments, even when the phone was connected to a Wi-Fi network. Verizon iPhone 5 customers can download a fix, but some AT&T customers are posting complaints about a similar issue on Apple's support page. iPhone 5 customers can keep an eye on this by resetting usage statistics in Settings, and see if a data is being used while on a Wi-Fi connection.

LinkedIn just got more like Twitter. You can now "follow" a select number of industry leaders on LinkedIn. These users are writing original blog posts just for LinkedIn, and followers can post comments along with links, photos and video.

Facebook refreshed its Help Center, for anyone looking for answers. (And who isn't, with how often things change!)

Android users can check out a new Google app called Field Trip. It taps into several popular web outlets, including Thrillist and Zagat, and gives recommendations of what's popular to see and do. Even though the map feature may not be helpful at all, there's still an opportunity to find a new hangout by perusing listings or pop-up notifications.


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