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iPad Mini LTE will ship by early next week, report says

There was some concern that Apple wouldn't ship the iPad Mini with LTE until later in November.


Apple has allayed some fears by telling iPad Mini LTE buyers that their tablet will be launching soon.

Apple has contacted iPad Mini LTE buyers to inform them that the device will be shipping within the next few business days, AppleInsider is reporting, citing several e-mails forwarded to it by purchasers. Apple's e-mail says that the company will provide buyers with a tracking number "once your iPad is on the way."

Apple unveiled the iPad Mini last month and launched the Wi-Fi-only model on November 2. When Apple announced the LTE version, the company said that it would ship about two weeks after the Wi-Fi-only version. It appears Apple is sticking to that timetable.

However, there was some fear that Apple might not make that deadline. Late last month, customers were reporting that the iPad Mini with LTE wouldn't ship until November 23, according to purchase-confirmation e-mails they had received. Expedited shipping would start on November 21, those e-mails claimed.

The iPad Mini with LTE starts at $459 for 16GB of storage. The top-of-the-line 64GB model goes for $659.

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