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iPad mini event confirmed for 23 October. Oh no, it's real!

We only just recovered from the iPhone 5 launch, but Apple is ready to sock us about the chops with even more devices.

The iPad mini is all but confirmed to get an airing next week, as Apple has sent out media invites to an event on 23 October.

We've only just recovered from the iPhone 5's glamorous debut, but it looks as though Apple is primed to wallop us about the chops with a few more devices. Crikey Apple, how about a breather, eh?

The invite -- shown above -- portrays a close-up on Apple's famous logo and the tempting text, "We've got a little more to show you."

'Little', geddit? I see what you did there, Apple.

The event will kick off in San Jose, California, and the shindig starts at 10am US time, which equates to 6pm on British clocks. Needless to say CNET UK will be bringing you every scrap of news as it happens.

The iPad mini is tipped to measure around 7 inches on the diagonal, and leaked casings suggest it'll have a squarish look, a bit like the iPhone. Along with the iPad mini, Apple is rumoured to reveal a slew of new Macs next week, including a possible new iMac, Mac mini and even a 13-inch version of the eye-bleeding retina MacBook Pro.

Apple's invite, and indeed the event, grumpily clash with Microsoft's own tablet news. The PowerPoint-producing firm has just revealed prices for its Surface gadget, and next week will be launching it alongside Windows 8. Now it looks like Microsoft's new touchscreen-friendly gear will be launching in close proximity to a tiny Apple tablet.

What do you want to see from a smaller iPad? Personally I just want it to be cheap as chips, like the £160 Google Nexus 7. Tell me what you'd like to see in the comments below or on our Facebook wall

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