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iPad Mini 'banned' ad zooms to YouTube popularity

With tongue in cheek, the spoof video borrows Apple's visual style and tone, and reminds us why the "iPad Mini is the future...until May, at least."

An amusing spoof advertisement for the recently released iPad Mini has taken off on YouTube.

The fake ad, which details why you'll almost inevitably buy the iPad Mini, was created by John Elerick and his team, masquerading as Apple execs including design head "Jony Five." Billed as a "banned" iPad Mini promo, it mimics an official Apple ad remarkably well.

Laden with sarcasm, the spoof video borrows Apple's visual style and tone, and highlights some of the more "interesting" features of the new tablet, comparing processor speed, camera capabilities, and the various specifications of each Apple device, including the iPhone 4S and iPod Touch.

"iPad Mini is the thinnest iPad we've ever designed -- surprise, surprise. It's 0.4mm thinner than the iPhone 5, which was just released a month ago, so as usual, each product is thinner than the last. It's always going to be thinner. Except with the third-generation iPad, which is now the old new iPad. And not the Retina display iPad. Not to be confused with iPad Mini, which doesn't have a Retina display. But is thinner," says "Gregg Joswak," billed as the vice president of iPad thickness.

Talk show host Conan O'Brien has also taken a pot-shot at Apple's latest consumer offering, saying: "You're just trying to fill the empty void in your sad life" by buying everything available in the tech giant's store.

Parodies and mock videos aside, the iPad Mini has had a generally positive reception.

A high volume of orders resulted in Apple pushing back U.S. shipment dates for the downsized tablet from November 2 to a promise of shipment "within two weeks." The 7.9-inch version of Apple's latest tablet has also suffered shipment delays in Europe.

But the spoof ad would have you bear this in mind: "iPad Mini is the future -- it's the future until May, at least."