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iPad Mini, 4th-gen iPad reviews

CNET reviews the iPad Mini and the updated, full-sized iPad, Nintendo offers perks for downloading Wii U games, and Waze lets you track friends on the road.

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While CNET's New York office works to get power back after the storm, we're bringing you the Update show from our San Francisco office. Wednesday's top tech stories include:

- Apple judgement day: Read CNET's reviews of the iPad Mini and the latest full-size iPad. The Wi-Fi versions of the Mini and updated iPad arrive in stores on Friday.

- Give 4G connection to an iPod Touch with a $99 Freedom Pop sleeve.

- If you're buying the deluxe Wii U game console bundle, Nintendo has a perk for downloading games: 10% of every dollar spent on a downloaded game will be added back to accounts as points. Points can then be added up to be used toward buying games on the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS.

- The traffic app Waze has been updated to make it easier to locate friends on the road. Now you can track where people are and send a pickup request to a friend.

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