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iPad, iPod Touch get Google Voice

The Google Voice app expands to iPad and iPod Touch, with a workaround to help place calls on these nonphone devices.

Google Voice for iPhone
Google Voice for iPod Touch and iPad joins the iPhone app (pictured). Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

It may have taken Google a year and a half to get Google Voice in the iPhone's App Store, but it's taken only one month longer for Google Voice to complete the expansion to Apple's other two iOS devices: the iPod Touch and iPad.

Starting today, a Google Voice app update compatible with the iPad and iPod Touch (iOS 3.1 and above) will make it easier for U.S. users to manage voice messages and texts made to your Google Voice number.

Of course, it can't place calls on either of these nonphone devices, but a click-to-call feature will let you initiate a call on a phone associated with your Google Voice account.

Google has made other improvements that will benefit iPhone users, too, including one that will automatically keep the service from texting your iPhone and your Google Voice inbox when you sign on. Receiving duplicate notifications to the phone text inbox and the Google Voice app was an early complaint of mine.

In addition, a new "do not disturb" feature will send all calls to voice mail, and tapping and holding a text will now give you the option to archive or delete it. 

In the past month since I've been using Google Voice on iPhone I've loved the convenience of the app, but have experienced sluggishness when it loads, some navigation lag, and oftentimes delayed incoming texts and voice mails. What's your experience?