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iPad, iPhone, Galaxy sales data revealed in court filings

The court has forced Apple and Samsung to reveal company secrets and this time, sensitive sales data is out in the open.

Documents filed with a federal court have revealed sales records for Samsung and Apple phones and computer tablets Screen grab by Greg Sandoval/CNET

Apple and Samsung's rivals are sure to pore over the latest data that have been flushed out into the open thanks to the patent litigation going on between the two electronics powerhouses.

Want to know how many units of of the Galaxy Prevail mobile phone Samsung has sold? About 2.25 million since the second quarter of 2011.

Sales of the different iPhone models are not broken out in the same way and are offered only in aggregate but it's still interesting to see that up to the second quarter of this year, Apple had sold a total of 85 million iPhones and generated more than $50 billion. Allthingsd was first to report this story.

In case you forgot, Apple began selling the iPhone in 2007 and the phones listed in the data that was released today only included phones that Apple alleges that violate its patents. But of this group, Samsung sold about 21million units leading to $7 billion in sales.

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