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iPad finally has competition: Pierre Cardin

The designer releases a beautiful, Android-powered tablet computer at a remarkably affordable price. What next? The PradaPad?

Admire the lines. Sigh at the sheer, breathtaking Frenchness that oozes from every pore. Marvel that, now, finally, holding an iPad will be nothing more than wearing H&M.

For famed designer of beautiful, expensive, and possibly quite useless things, Pierre Cardin, is releasing an iPad rival.

Of course, I'm serious. It's Monday.

The Pierre Cardin PC-7006 Tablet PC (which really could do with a better name) represents the true triumph of form over function. It boasts a tagline that expresses everything one could hope for: "Stay Connected In Style With The UK's First Designer Tablet."

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I know that many of you, because you're that way about fashion, will be wanting to know about the specs. Well, it's Android-powered. Yes, 2.2 Froyo. And it offers a 7-inch capacitive touch screen (800x480), built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, and a front-facing 1.3 mega-pixel camera. It even has 3G. Well, as long as you avail yourself of a designer dongle.

Then there's the beautiful, exquisite Pierre Cardin logo on that utterly fetching carry case.

You must be thinking by now that a machine such as this will cost you both arms, both legs, and an ear or two. But, no. This fine, timeless piece is retailing at just 275 British pounds. Which, if the markets hold steady for seven more minutes, might be around $450.

I know that Steve Jobs will, this morning, be quaking at the thought that someone has dared to compete with the iPad at the level of design.

I feel sure that he will rush into the arms of Prada and create a jointly designed, special-edition machine called the PradaPad.

That'll slay 'em on the runways.