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iPad Air on Three starts at £119, monthly deals from £7.50

Three has revealed its prices for the 4G iPad Air start at just £7.50 per month, or netting you a tablet for as little as £119.

Three has revealed its prices for the 4G iPad Air, which goes on sale on Friday. Monthly costs start at just £7.50 per month, or you can get yourself a tablet for as little as £119 up front.

In terms of monthly cost, the cheapest deal is £7.50 for 1GB of data, followed by a £15 deal for 10GB of data. To take advantage of those deals, you'll pay £499 up front for the 16GB model or £579 for the 32GB model.

To get the cheap deals for the 64GB iPad Air, you need to fork out £659 (on the 1GB deal) or £469 (10GB).

Those are monthly rolling plans so you're not tied into a lengthy contract. For a cheaper up-front cost, you can commit for two years and get 15GB of data each month, starting at £25 per month and £179, £279 or £349 for the tablet. For £119 up front, you'll have to shell out £29 per month for the next two years.

If that's as clear as mud, here's a handy table:

If you're in London, Manchester, Birmingham or Reading, any of these deals will give you 4G for free before the end of the year.

Three launches a 4G service in December, but it won't charge extra. Sign up to Three now and as long as you have a 4G phone or tablet -- like the iPad Air -- you'll simply find your phone connecting to the Web over 4G as soon as it's turned on in your local area.

O2, Vodafone and EE have already launched 4G services in parts of the country. Vodafone, EE, Orange and T-Mobile have all said they will sell the iPad Air.

The UK release date is yet to be confirmed for the new retina-packing iPad mini, announced alongside the Air and scheduled for release at some time in November -- click here for the full range of SIM-free iPad mini UK prices. Meanwhile the iPad Air starts at £399 without 3G and 4G -- click here for the full line-up of SIM-free iPad Air UK prices.

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