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iPad ad launches during the Oscars--predictable?

The new iPad ad launches during Sunday's Oscars. It differed little from the video produced by Apple to accompany the launch on January 27.

Why would Apple launch its iPad campaign March 15, as was rumored by some, when it could launch during the Oscars? This is Apple, not Snapple.

It seemed so necessary the iPad would receive its official TV push as other glamorous objects of adoration displayed their wares.

What is remarkable about the ad is that there is nothing remarkable about it at all. It is very neat, but very standard communication from Apple.

Yes, there is the music: "There Goes My Love" by Danish band The Blue Van, a tune that will soon be downloaded quite often on iTunes.

But this is, as with the iPhone and so many other Apple launches, a simple product demonstration (apologies for grainy video. It's the only embeddable copy at the time of writing). The content might just as easily have been shot by a camera hovering over Steve Jobs' head when he launched the product January 27.

It really bears all the same characteristics--yes, even some of the same footage--as the video (also embedded) that Apple launched on its own site in January.

Apple's products are far more powerful than any of its ads. Everywhere you see them, your eyes and your interest temporarily lose their stasis. This ad serves simply to tell you that April 3 will be the launch date and you should do exactly what the hands in the ad are doing: get an iPad into them and see how much fun they (and you) will have.

It will be interesting to see whether Apple still might follow this execution with something a little more daring in a week or two.