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iPad ad goes viral

Apple's launch ad for its "magical and revolutionary" product succeeds in attracting 2.4 million views online, making it the second-most-watched online ad.

It seems that when it comes to the company's sweetly controlling nature, Apple has slipped a Xanax into its perfectly still martini and let the online show begin.

Figures from those delightfully modern bean counters at Visible Measures suggest that the new iPad TV spot--you know, the one in which thighs play a leading role--has become the second-most-watched piece of viral footage after the E*Trade Super Bowl ad in which Lindsay Lohan most definitely does not appear.

More than 2.4 million people have already feasted their tired but excited online eyes on an ad that covers the basics and makes you wonder whether, beneath the thighs, there might be some Asics.

The chaps at Visible Measures say on their blog that they were initially skeptical that Apple would allow this ad to spread virally to unknown parts of the Web. Apple hasn't exactly been at the forefront of using its YouTube channel, preferring that people waft straight to, where they might just lose all semblance of reason and immediately dedicate their excitable credit cards to a purchase.

It seems the company is now thinking different. Visible Measures says Apple allowed the ad to be seen in 100 different areas of the Web, with evidently visible results.

Because you have likely seen the official iPad ad many times--even online, perhaps--I have embedded a slowed-down, slightly peculiar analysis of it created by artist Neil Curtis.