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iPad accessory roundup: Tons already out there

From wireless keyboards and speaker systems, to cases and camera connectors, CNET's Donald Bell takes a look at all kinds of accessories available for the Apple iPad.

Photo of the Gramercy bag by Cocoon.
The Gramercy bag by Cocoon is custom-fit for the iPad, and includes a pouch for an iPhone or iPod Touch. Cocoon

Everybody has an opinion about the Apple iPad. For better or worse, it's one of those viral products that just seem to get under your skin. People in my life who would normally never talk to me about tech are coming out of the woodwork to ping me for an opinion on the iPad, unsure if they should bite.

But in spite of all the fence-sitters out there wondering which way the wind will blow, there is one group of people who share nothing but undiluted joy at the prospect of the iPad. I'm talking, of course, about accessory manufacturers.

If the iPod and iPhone have taught us anything, it's that people love buying stuff for their stuff. Cases, chargers, speakers, clocks--the list goes on and on, and the options seem inexhaustible.

Out of the gate, the iPad isn't going to have the breadth of accessories the iPod and iPhone have, but you can expect that vendors are already working hard to ramp up their offerings. To kick things off, Apple is selling a handful of its own accessories for the iPad, including a case, keyboard, charging dock, VGA adapter, camera kit, and wall charger.

But don't let Apple's small selection of anointed iPad accessories fool you; there are actually tons of accessories you can buy for the iPad right this minute. From wireless keyboards and speaker systems to stands and network adapters, we've rounded up all the accessories any self-respecting iPad early adopter should know about, and dumped them into one glorious slideshow.