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iPad 3 will have HD screen, quad-core skills

The next-gen iPad will be out in March and have a higher resolution screen than most TVs, as well as a quad-core processor, sources say.

The iPad 3 will have a quad-core processor, and an HD screen that's a higher resolution than some TVs, according to sources, Bloomberg reports. It'll also come ready to play with LTE super-fast broadband, the sources say.

We've heard these rumours before, but Bloomberg quotes three people who are familiar with the product, hinting that these could be the real deal. Excited? It should be out in March too, according to the report.

Production has already started on the iPad 3, with manufacturer Foxconn ramping up the numbers this month, and will be reaching full volume by February, said one of the sources who didn't want to be named. The other two said the next generation iPad will be quad-core, allowing for super-fast jumping between apps.

HTC is also rumoured to be readying a quad-core tablet, nicknamed the Quattro. HTC's should make an appearance at Mobile World Congress in February, just ahead of the iPad 3's release, so the competition between the two should be fascinating.

The new screen sounds pretty great too. It'll be higher resolution than the current iPad, according to one of the sources, with more pixels than some HD TVs. And they're small enough and close enough together to look like printed material, one of the sources said. Sounds exciting.

The device will also be enabled for LTE, according to the sources, though that doesn't mean much for us Brits -- 4G isn't due to reach these shores until 2015 due to spats about auctioning off spectrum. Though Ofcom is trying to remedy that. Fingers crossed it works out.

Other rumours we've previously heard include that the iPad 3 will be fatter than the current model, due to a dual-light bar system for the higher resolution screen, and that it'll have the A6 processor, as well as Siri for voice control.

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