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iPad 3 to be named iPad HD?

The iPad 3 could be called the iPad HD, according to leaks from case manufacturers.

The iPad 3 -- set to be announced on Wednesday -- could actually be called the iPad HD, according to leaked part listings from case manufacturers, Gizmodo reports.

An alleged leaked inventory shows the name iPad HD, hinting Apple could choose the moniker to big up the device's retina display. It would make sense from a marketing point of view. And marketing isn't exactly Apple's weak point.

Despite Apple being legendarily closely guarded about its product name and specs prior to launch, some manufacturers are tipped off just before the big day. With the next iPad event just five days away, Apple may have warned case makers so they can have products ready for launch.

The retina display is thought to be the big selling point of the new iPad. With a purported resolution of 2,048x1,536-pixels, it promises to boast ridiculously bright colours and amazingly sharp edges.

A couple of weeks ago someone got their hands on the purported retina display, got the microscope out, and zoomed right in, showing it should have twice the resolution of the current iPad 2. Sadly there was no way to power it up to see for ourselves, but give it a few days and we'll know either way.

The screen is thought to be the same 9.7 inches as the current iPad, so the dimensions of the device shouldn't change much. But Apple might have a smaller version waiting in the wings -- yesterday news leaked of a 7.85-inch iPad due in the autumn.

This backs up previous rumours that it'll have the same resolution as the iPad 2, so apps will work without developers having to tweak them. Apple may also slash the price of the iPad 2 next week to cut off competition from the Amazon Kindle Fire. We could also see an updated Apple TV. Just not the one we all want to see, unfortunately.

Is iPad HD a better name than iPad 3? And will you be buying one? Let me know in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.