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iPad 3 on 30 percent of users' shopping lists, poll finds

Almost one-third of mobile Web users polled by InMobi have the iPad 3 in their sights as the new tablet is expected to launch this month.


Eyeing an iPad 3? Then you're certainly not alone.

Almost one-third of mobile users surveyed by InMobi said they plan to buy Apple's next iPad. And 44 percent said they would consider only an iPad were they to buy a tablet.

Drilling down further, more than half of the people aiming to buy the iPad 3 don't currently own a tablet. But 65 percent would opt for an iPad or iPad 2 at a reduced price, a sign to InMobi that buzz over the iPad 3 will likely help sales of the earlier generation models.

Half of the mobile users polled would pay more than $500 for the iPad 3. But if the tablet costs more than $599, then 57 percent said they'd shop around for an older model.

Among the people who'd consider a brand other than the iPad, 27 percent pointed to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, while 14 percent said they'd look into Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Which features are generating the most excitement among the prospective iPad buyers?

A faster processor came in first, cited by 57 percent. Better battery life was second, followed by a high-resolution screen and 4G access. Half of those polled said they'd be buying the new iPad more for entertainment than for business or education.

To compile its data, InMobile surveyed 689 mobile users in the U.S.

A Retina Display, speedier processor, and support for 4G LTE are among the features many expect to hit the new iPad. Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu believes the tablet will also support Siri but thinks 4G will be key, calling the next iPad a "significant" refresh.

Apple has already booked an event for March 7 in which the company is expected to take the wraps off its next generation tablet.