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iPad 2S a possibility as source casts doubt on iPad 3

The next iPad will reportedly look the same as the iPad 2, but for a 'truly amazing' screen. So will it be the iPad 3, or something else?

Just a day after we heard the iPad 3 will touch down in the first week of March comes word of what we can expect. The new iPad will look the same as the iPad 2, according to a source quoted by the New York Times, who cast doubt on whether it will be called the iPad 3 after all. iPad 2S, perhaps?

The next-gen slate will have seriously beefed up specs, however. The screen, for example, will be "truly amazing", according to a leak-happy Apple employee. Could that be the much-rumoured retina display we've heard a lot about? We think it could.

The device will be "essentially the same size and shape as the iPad 2", the source says. If it ain't broke and all that. (Check out some more interesting designs in our concept snaps gallery.) It'll also have a faster processor, though the source was a little light on specifics.

The iPhone 4S caused a stir, as it was seen by some as only a minor upgrade to the iPhone 4. It didn't stop it selling a metric fruit-tonne of units though, so Apple may well have no qualms with repeating the trick.

Yesterday we reported Apple will announce the iPad 3 in the first week of March. The retina display has been rumoured for a while now -- with a resolution of 2,048x1,536 pixels, it would have four times the number as the iPad 2's current 1,024x768-pixel display. We reported back in November the screen was in production, and the iBooks 2 app hinted at the higher resolution.

Casing leaks point to the next-generation iPad also having a better battery, and an improved camera -- something we've been looking forward to for some time.

Do you want the iPad 3 -- or iPad 2S -- to look the same? And are you excited about the new screen and improved camera? What else do you want to see? Have a gander at our iPad 3 rumours video below, and let us know over on our Facebook page, or below in the comments.