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iPad 2 video shows new tablet poked and prodded

Roll up, roll up! Come have a gander at the biggest gadget in town! We get our meaty mitts all over Apple's new iPad in this here hands-on video.

Roll up, roll up! Come have a gander at the biggest gadget in town! Apple's got a new iPad, yer see, and we get our meaty mitts all over the thing in this here hands-on video.

This here piece of aluminium is hotter than a pistol and thinner than a lawyer's excuse. At 8.8mm thick you'll do well to see it when it's turned sideways. It's light too, at 601g for the Wi-Fi-only version. Inside is a brand-new A5 chip that crams a dual-core processor, graphics and RAM on to a single die for rootin' tootin' performance and mighty battery life.

Two little cameras -- one 0.3-megapixels on the front and the other 0.9-megapixels on the back -- might not sound like much but fun apps such as PhotoBooth and FaceTime let you take silly profile pics and make video calls. We test both in the video above.

Also demonstrated in our little moving picture show is GarageBand, the music-making app, which now includes touch-sensitive instruments you can play on the screen, while iMovie lets you edit your own shows. These both benefit from the new A5 chip, as does the iPad 2's Web surfing and smooth video playing -- you can see the evidence for yourself.

Finally, we show you the fancy new cover Apple's flaunting for its second-generation tablet. Neatly clicking on with magnets (it's magic!) it's supposed to clean the screen when you take it off, but it didn't seem to have much effect on the high-calibre journo finger grease on our sample.

The iPad 2 arrives in the UK on 25 March. When you're done watching our high-falutin video, you can see our hands-on pictures, read our full preview and find out how much it will cost and where you can buy it.

  • Video produced by Alper Cagatay. Presented by Luke Westaway.