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iPad 2: Twelve of the coolest cases

Roll up, roll up, as we take a look at some of our favourite iPad 2 cases, which will accentuate, exaggerate and protectuate your new Apple tablet.

If you've got a brand-spanking-new Apple iPad 2, the first thing you'll want to do is show it off -- but the last thing you'll want to do is expose it to the elements. What you need is a case, and you're already spoiled for choice even though the iPad 2 has barely touched shop shelves. Roll up, roll up as we take a look at some of our favourite iPad 2 cases, which will accentuate, exaggerate and protectuate your new tablet.

Proporta Maya II (£20)

The Proporta Maya II is made of the 'finest-quality alternative to leather', so it will cheer up vegans, if that's even possible. It comes in assorted colours and, for our our money, is one of the prettiest cases that could adorn your iPad 2.

Built NY iPad Sleeve (£20)

Raining outside? No problem. Just throw on a Built NY iPad Sleeve, a water-resistant neoprene wetsuit for your iPad 2, with slip-free grips on the side and a fleece-lined interior. It'll hold your iPad 2 even if the tablet's already in another case. Just don't wee in it.

Scosche glosSEE (£25)

Pick a colour, any colour, with the semi-transparent, rubber-style Scosche glosSEE, which comes with a clear screen protector to boot.

Griffin Crayola Trace and Draw (£30)

Y'know -- for kids. The Griffin Crayola Trace and Draw is a tough polycarbonate case with a screen shield that protects your iPad 2 against scratches and impacts from ankle-biters of all ages. Download Griffin's free LightBoard Trace app and kids can choose from more than 35 different things to draw, or learn to write their name on a piece of paper over the screen. It comes with free washable crayons and felt-tips.

GEAR4 Angry Birds (£35)

It's been at least 5 minutes since we wrote anything about the ubiquitous annoyed avians, and we can't have that. The GEAR4 Angry Birds protective case is a snap-on hard case that will protect your iPad 2 from birds catapulting into it.

Cygnett Glam Leather Folio Case (£35)

It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark -- oh, hang on, it's just the Cygnett Glam Leather Folio Case, with its magnetic cover, micro-suede inner lining and glossy red finish, which all make it look like Michael Jackson in Thriller.

Hard Candy StreetSkin (£35)

The Hard Candy StreetSkin is a tough rubber case with a magnetic screen cover that looks like it's made from a monster-truck tyre.

FridgePad (£35)

Next time you're throwin' together a stew, you can check on the recipe or watch a film on your iPad, handily magnetised to your icebox by the FridgePad. It accommodates both the original iPad and the iPad 2 -- just change the corner clips. If you already own a FridgePad, the manufacturer will send you some iPad 2 clips for free. Cool.

Proporta Leather Protective Sleeve (£35)

Made of high-quality black or brown leather with a pinstripe or tartan lining, the Proporta Leather Protective Sleeve has a terrible name but is class in a glass.

Speck iGuy (£45)

It's a hard heart that doesn't fall in love immediately with the Speck iGuy, a colourful foam fellow that holds your iPad and iPad 2 in his tummy like a hipster Teletubbie.

Speck PixelSkin HD Wrap (£45)

The Speck PixelSkin HD Wrap is similar to Apple's own Smart Cover in as much as the cover folds into a triangular stand. But it offers the added protection of a case around the iPad's back.

Capulet Marija (£250)

Fabulous, sweetie! The Capulet Marija looks fierce in Italian leather with a snakeskin print and an orange suede interior. Other Capulet cases include colourful designs with chic names like Fleur, Melissa and Sharon. Ciao, darling!