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iPad 2 may have puny 1-megapixel camera on the back

Apple's iOS software-development kit indicates that the new iPad will have only a 1-megapixel camera on its back, with a VGA-resolution camera on the front for FaceTime calls.

Apple's successor to the iPad may still be unconfirmed officially, but information buried in the latest iOS software-development kit indicates that it won't push the boat out in terms of camera resolution.

As 9to5 Mac explains, the SDK references a product codenamed 'K94' that's thought to be the iPad 2. The SDK mentions the K94's 'Back Facing 1MP Photo', in addition to a VGA-resolution camera on the front of the device.

The front-facing camera will probably mainly be used for making FaceTime video calls, and matches the front-facing cameras in the iPhone 4 and iPod touch. As with its smaller siblings, the next iPad will probably let you switch to making FaceTime calls with the back-facing camera too, so you can show off the scenery.

A 1-megapixel camera sounds disappointing, but, then again, who's really going to use their iPad to take photos? We sense few potential iPad 2 buyers are hoping for a 5- or 10-megapixel snapper in the new device.

We'd welcome a higher-resolution front-facing camera to make the iPad 2 more future-proof. But we're not feeling too woeful about the low-res back-facing camera. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.