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iPad 2 gets the Letterman Top 10 treatment

David Letterman dedicates his top 10 to the finest and most important reasons to buy an iPad 2.

You're no one, nor anything, until you become the subject of David Letterman's Top 10. Isn't that how Jay Leno finally became famous?

So all of those who believed that merely the sales of the iPad 2 proved that this was the most magical and revolutionary product of the century can now sit, breathe and go back to reading The Daily.

For last night, David Letterman managed to dedicate perhaps his most influential and enduring feature to perhaps Apple's most influential and enduring product. Since the last one.

You will, I am sure, choose your own favorite from these. Some might bathe in the amusement of No. 10: "Special microchip makes it obsolete 50 percent faster."

Some might go for No. 4: "No No. 4--writer still online for an iPad 2."

No. 1 ended up: "In this economy, who doesn't have 600 bucks to throw around?" (Hold on, doesn't the iPad 2 start at $500?)

Still, No. 3 should surely have been No. 1: "Isn't it about time you did something for you?"

Somehow, it's not all that easy to do something for yourself these days. Other people get in the way all the time. They make demands of you. They think you should pay attention to them, for some odd, demented reason.

So get yourself an iPad 2, take the weight off your shoulders (and your wrists) and disappear into YouWorld. You know it's what you really want.