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iPad 2 camera confirmed by screenshots of iOS 4.3

Screenshots have revealed that the next iPad will have a built-in camera. Definitely, positively, 100 per cent. Probably. We're almost entirely certain of it.

The next iPad will have a built-in camera. Definitely, positively, 100 per cent. Probably. We're being this definite thanks to revealing screenshots from iOS 4.3, the latest version of the mobile operating system powering Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

MacRumours has spotted three new icons in the grid of standard apps on the iPad 2.0 home screen, and they're all camera-centric. The first two are the Camera and FaceTime apps already on the iPhone, for taking pictures and making video calls.

The third app is new to Apple's mobile devices. Photo Booth is the application that controls the webcam on iMac desktop and MacBook laptop computers. It'll allow you to add wacky backgrounds to your photos and video calls. Seems redundant to have separate apps when you could just add kerrazy backdrops to FaceTime, but what do we know? The folks at Apple are the ones making $26bn a year.

Other new features in iOS 4.3 include customisable messaging alerts and personal Wi-Fi hot spots. Previously, we've been able to tether other devices to the iPhone or iPad by Bluetooth or USB. The new OS adds multitouch gestures for the iPad that allow you to access home key functions by touching the screen, leading some to speculate the new models would dispense with the home button.

iOS 4.3 is in beta, released to developers. It replaces iOS 4.2 sometime soon, perhaps coinciding with the launch of new hardware. The iPad launched in April last year, so the second generation is likely to follow suit, while new iPhones arrive in June each year. If you really can't wait, the fabled white iPhone 4 could arrive before the end of February, although the long delay has turned it into a white elephant.

Are you saving up for an iPad 2 or iPhone 5? Or is the addition of a camera no match for the onslaught of Android tablets heading our way? Comments are below.