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IP tracking, GTA sent packing and NBN gets cracking in Girt By CNET Podcast 09

Dallas Buyers Club reveal just how much information about alleged pirates it already has, while Target drops GTA V from its shelves and NBN adds 400 towns to its rollout map.

The court proceeding between iiNet and Dallas Buyers Club LLC entered a new phase with official testimony being introduced from the German company that's been tracking 'pirate' addresses.

Target, meanwhile, has responded to a petition to stop selling GTA V by doing just that. Kmart has a gone a step further and pulled GTA IV titles as well. We're just putting this tweet in here for artistic purposes. No other reason.

Finally, we look at the latest NBN Co update, with 1.9 million premises getting hooked up under the new rollout map.

Girt by CNET podcast 09

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