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IoSafe unveils disaster-proof, Synology-based dual-bay NAS server

Disaster-proof storage vendor IoSafe announces the first disaster-proof NAS server that runs Synology's NAS operating system.

The IoSafe N2 promises to offers both the best user-experience and top-notch data protection.
The IoSafe N2 promises to offers both the best user-experience and top-notch data protection. Screenshot by Dong Ngo

If you want the best network-attached storage (NAS) experience, get a Synology NAS server like the DiskStation DS412+. But if you want to guard data from even the worst disaster, an IoSafe storage device, such as the Solo G3, will fit your needs. In fact, you can use those two combined for the best of both worlds.

Now, what if you just need a single device that offers both a great user experience and top-notch data security? There's something you can look forward to: the N2 that IoSafe announced today.

This is a new NAS server, which the disaster-proof storage hardware vendor teamed up with Synology to offer. The device combines a two-bay NAS server, similar to the DS712+, and the black-box-like protection that protects the hard drive on the inside from extreme heat (up to 1,550 degrees Fahrenheit for some 30 minutes), and water submersion (a 10-feet depth for 3 days). The IoSafe N2 is also the first storage device from IoSafe that offers RAID with the support for RAID 0 and RAID 1.

The N2 is also the first non-Synology NAS server that runs Synology's Disk Station Manager (DSM) operating system for NAS servers. DSM is by far the best operating system when it comes to network storage and enables a consistency of performance and features across NAS servers. This means the N2 will likely offer all the benefits of a dual-bay Synology NAS server, which includes a vast amount of features and stellar performance. Examples of these features include providing Cloud Station, support for multiple IP cameras, and digital content streaming to both local devices and over the Internet.

You will have to wait until the beginning of next year to purchase the IoSafe N2; though, with pricing starting at $600 for a disk-less model. The new server will also be available with two hard drives pre-installed, offering up to 8TB of storage space. Similar to the case of IoSafe's external hard drive, the price also includes IoSafe Data Recovery Service and No Hassle Warranty, which covers the cost of data recovery, should the storage device fail, or be damaged.

Currently, IoSafe is using the Indiegogo funding platform to seek public funding for its development. Join up if you want to stay updated or be the first who owns one when the devices becomes available.