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iOS vs Android in gritty urban fight video

If you don't know a Samsung Galaxy from a Galaxy bar, our latest video can help. In a disreputable alleyway, Luke Westaway explains iOS and Android.

Love hard-hitting gritty street fighting? Looking to buy a new smart phone? It's your lucky day, friend, as we have just the video for you. We pitch iOS and Android into no-holds-barred pummeling action on the filthy streets of South London.

Luke Westaway is the referee as Apple's iPhone and Android phones go toe to toe, explaining the differences and relative appeal of the different software. Where the iPhone's iOS is simple, easy to get to grips with and chock-full of high quality apps, Android is a little more geeky, customisable and flexible.

Incidentally, the world of smart phone OSes is so fast moving that since we filmed this piece, the situation has changed slightly. Flash will no longer be supported for mobile browsers, its maker Adobe has announced, which means mobile sites will eventually move to HTML5. Plenty of sites still use Flash today, however, so if you're used to them you still need an Android phone.

More importantly, Google has also launched Ice Cream Sandwich on its flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We absolutely loved it, as it tweaks all sorts of little things to make it better looking and easy to use. It doesn't change the core flexibility of Android, and we think Apple's restrictiveness does make it easier to understand for beginners, so while it's closer than ever, we think our conclusions in the video still stand.

Most Android manufacturers are committed to updating their high-end phones to Android 4.0 at some point in 2012. Keep an eye on CNET UK for all the very latest news on when your phone will be updated.

Which brawler are you backing? Don't flinch, take a look at the video and tell us what you think in the comments section below or over on our Facebook page. And then read how one of our writers is forsaking both of these smart-phone heavyweights for a completely different fighter altogether.