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iOS 7 tipped to get 'flat' new look in Jony Ive-led redesign

New rumours suggest Apple is getting ready to dramatically revamp its mobile software.

Apple is plotting a significant redesign for its iOS software, according to fresh reports.

The fruit-flavoured tech giant is moving away from the 3D-effect look that currently graces the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, 9to5Mac reports, citing sources who reckon the operating system is about to become "very, very flat".

This isn't the first we've heard of a significant break from routine for iOS 7. Another anonymous individual reportedly reckons iOS 7 will do away with all the shine and gloss that now adorns apps and icons.

That would see Apple chucking out its long-favoured 'skeumorphism', a design choice that sees software styled to look like real-world objects (think of the Post-it effect in the Notes app, or the seedy casino felt in Game Center).

The 'flattest' operating system I can think of is Windows Phone, which has no shading or sense of depth to its simplistically styled homescreen. The redesign is said to stem from Blue Peter badge owner Sir Jony Ive, who is credited for building the iPhone and iPad, and has now been trusted with the keys to the software cupboard, too.

Although repeatedly tweaked, the look of iOS has changed very little since its introduction in 2007.

A redesign would certainly spice things up, but perhaps Apple would be foolish to tinker too heavily with an operating system that's recognised, and used, by so many people -- just look at the backlash Microsoft saw when it removed the Start button from Windows 8.

Would you give iOS a revamp, or is it perfect already? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.