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iOS 7 jailbreak now available

The jailbreak is compatible with all devices running iOS 7.0 and upwards.

Users who have been waiting for the opportunity to jailbreak their iOS 7 devices can now do so.

(Credit: CNET)

The untethered jailbreak was released over the weekend by the Evasi0n team and is compatible with all devices running iOS 7.0 to 7.0.4. According to the team, the jailbreak takes five minutes to install and works across Mac and PCs.

As always, proceed at your own risk with jailbreaks and make sure to back up any data before going ahead. Once the jailbreak has been installed, users get access to a range of different features and apps through tools like Cydia.

Since the jailbreak was released, Evasi0n has issued an apology in regards to the Chinese app store Taig, which was included in the initial release. Taig was bundled in the jailbreak for the Chinese market and was found to have provided access to pirated apps.