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iOS 7 brings head-gesture control in new accessibility tool

The latest version of Apple's mobile OS lets you control on-screen action by moving your head left and right.

The latest version of Apple's iOS software introduces the power to control on-screen action using head gestures.

The feature, which is part of Apple's accessibility tools aimed at making its gadgets usable to people with disabilities, sees your smart phone or tablet cycle automatically through every on-screen icon, with the user selecting options by moving their head.

Using the 'Switch control' feature, you can also set left or right head movements to trigger Siri, the notification center, control volume, open the multi-tasking menu or jump you back to the home screen, 9to5Mac reports.

Although it could provide crucial control for those who are otherwise unable to control their Apple gadgets, the head-tracking software probably isn't ideal as a primary method of smart phone control. As this video demonstrates, you have to wait for a hovering blue outline to appear over the button you want to press before moving your head to select it -- a process that could quickly become rather boring.

That said, it's very interesting to see Apple packing more face-tracking technology into its new software.

Samsung has already squeezed loads of eye-monitoring wizardry into its Galaxy S4, including a feature that pauses video when you look away from the phone. It will be interesting to see if Apple has any other uses for this technology up its big, aluminium sleeves.

Are you a fan of eye-tracking and gesture-control, or are you quite content with a regular touchscreen interface? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.