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iOS 6 new feature saves apps when Wi-Fi breaks

Apple's adding a new feature to iOS 6, that could lower the collective blood pressure of iPhone owners everywhere.

Apple's adding a new tool to iOS 6 that lets your iPhone or iPad use 3G signal automatically when the Wi-Fi has slowed to a crawl or isn't working properly, potentially lowering the collective blood pressure of iOS customers everywhere.

The handy feature has been inserted into the latest beta version of iOS 6, MacRumours reports, and exists in the form of a toggle switch inside the iPhone's settings menu.

Switching on 'Wi-Fi Plus Cellular' (I'd hazard it'll be called 'Wi-Fi Plus Network' here in the UK) means that if an app is failing to connect over your Internet connection, it'll fall back to your data connection to get the job done.

That could mean a lot less faffing around in the settings menu when the Internet isn't playing ball. Wi-Fi connections are notoriously unreliable and often break or slow to a crawl for no discernible reason, but currently the iPhone will cling to any active Wi-Fi like Leonardo DiCaprio clutching a floating door in the frozen Atlantic.

That prompts a frustrated dive into the iOS settings to turn off a Wi-Fi connection that's playing up, only to have to switch it back on a minute later. The new option lets you release the frozen corpse of your connection, Kate Winslet-style, in a move that cements your eternal love and symbolises the beginning of a new, independent life in 1920s America.

The confusing settings menu is a place where iOS needs serious work, as navigating the host of options often proves tricky, leaving even the most placid Apple fan fuming.

The ability to control Wi-Fi settings from the pull-down notification menu, Android-style, would be a welcome move, though I suspect this new option will be as close as iOS fans get for now.

iOS 6 brings a renovated Maps app, Siri improvements and Facebook integration, and ditches the native YouTube app. It's arriving in the autumn, likely alongside a new iPhone and possibly even a tiny version of the iPad.

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Image credit: Macrumours

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