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iOS 6 Maps and new features in video

Need to catch up on the iOS 6 news in a hurry? This video is the tonic your troubled soul needs.

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Apple's given its upcoming iOS 6 update an airing, detailing goodies that will be arriving when the new version lands this autumn. You could read our in-depth guide to all the new features -- including the release date and support information for your iOS device of choice -- but I understand some of you are visual learners.

As such, our colonial cousins at CNET.com have cut down the iOS 6 section of Apple's WWDC keynote to just the essentials. Hit play on the video above to see what's in store for your Apple smart phone, iPod or tablet.

The biggest renovation is coming to the Maps app. Apple has ditched Google, creating a new app with attractive vector graphics and local search. Business information is called up on information cards, which has reviews, ratings and photos.

There's a traffic service on board and you can get a 3D look at buildings, too. A new feature called Flyover gives you a fancy pseudo-aerial view of buildings you can manipulate using the touchscreen, but because this app doesn't use Google, you will lose Street View.

Siri has been given a much-needed makeover, now providing local information in the UK, as well as being able to call up movie and sport information. The snooty robo-butler is also coming to the new iPad (but no other iPhone).

Facebook integration is another new feature, meaning you can post to Facebook from the iOS notification center. Better still, your events and birthdays will appear in the Calendar app.

Facetime calling can now be conducted over 3G, and a new app called Passbook collects all your tickets, vouchers, boarding passes and gift cards into one app. Live information appears in the Passbook app, so you could potentially see if your flight was delayed, for example. 

As for support, Apple has said iOS 6 will work on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and 4S, as well as the iPad 2 and new iPad. The fourth-generation iPod touch is also supported. Not every new feature will work on all those gadgets -- Siri isn't on the iPad 2 for example. Read up on exactly what features work on which devices here.

Are you excited? Or underwhelmed? Let me know what you think of iOS 6 in the comments or on our Facebook wall.