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iOS 6 jailbreak hacks new Apple software a day after release

iOS 6 was only revealed in beta on Monday and hackers have already cracked it with a tethered jailbreak.

iOS 6 was only revealed on Monday -- and hackers have already cracked it. The first jailbreak of the new software for iPhone and iPad has been revealed, although it's still pretty limited.

iOS 6 isn't available to the public yet, but has been offered in beta to developers to build and test their apps -- or jailbreak faster than Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage. Hacker MuscleNerd claims to have jailbroken a fourth-generation iPod touch with iOS 6 on board.

It's only a tethered jailbreak at the moment, meaning it needs to still be plugged into a computer. But it seems it won't be long before iOS 6 gets a proper jailbreak, meaning you'll eventually be able to jailbreak your updated phone or iPad, and load it with unofficial apps from Cydia or just tinker under the bonnet.

iOS 6 was unveiled this week, packed with new features and apps. As well as a new own-brand Apple Maps app replacing Google Maps and expanded Siri, there's Facebook integration, a new-look phone app and new email filters. Check out our iOS 6 screenshot round up of Maps, Passbook and Tap to Tweet, find out what Siri can do in the UK and find out which iOS 6 features won't work on your iPhone or iPad.

The new software is set to be available this autumn, which hints at the launch date for the next iPhone, whether it's called the iPhone 5, new iPhone or who knows what. Although hackers have all summer to play with iOS 6, Apple also has plenty of time to tighten up security and check behind the Racquel Welch poster.

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