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iOS 6.1 download out now, Brits miss out on Siri movie tickets

The newest version of iOS squashes bugs, and lets iTunes Match customers download individual tracks.

The latest version of Apple's iOS software is available to download now for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but new features in iOS 6.1 are thin on the ground -- especially here in the UK.

One intriguing new feature is the ability to buy movie tickets via Siri. Just bark orders at Apple's robot butler until it saves you a seat in your favourite flea pit. That feature is only available in the US however, where it uses ticket-buying service Fandango.

Brits miss Siri flicks tix!

The feature may make it to the UK eventually, but we had to wait interminable months before British Siri was even able to look up local businesses, so I wouldn't hold your breath. Apple will likely have to pair with a UK ticket-booking service, and those kinds of deals can take time.

In the meantime, iOS 6.1 makes it possible for iTunes Match customers to download individual songs from iCloud -- good news if you're one of the people paying for Apple's online music storage service.

The update also brings 4G support to more networks, but there's nothing new for the UK in this regard, with EE still the only British operator to offer a 4G-flavoured iPhone. The new network will soon give its iPhone customers visual voicemail, EE announced yesterday.

The fresh software brings a reset button for Apple's Advertising Identifier, which is the system ad providers use to track people and serve targeted adverts. You can already limit ad tracking (go to Settings > General > About > Advertising), but now you get a reset button, to clear any tracking data advertisers might be using.

Have you downloaded iOS 6.1? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.