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iOS 6.1.4 gets jailbroken

A developer has released an image of a jailbroken iPhone 5 running the latest version of iOS 6, likely to be superseded by iOS 7 very soon.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

iOS 6.1.4 has apparently been jailbroken just in advance of the expected announcement of iOS 7.

On Saturday, a developer dubbed Winocm tweeted an image of iOS 6.1.4 running Cydia, the popular app used to install software on jailbroken devices. The image shows Cydia version 1.1.8 installed on an iPhone 5.

But iOS users anxious to try out the jailbreak on their own iPhone may face a rough time. Unlike other jailbreaks that come as simple downloads, this one requires that you figure out how to tap into the iOS kernel yourself to use Winocm's code to install Cydia, according to Redmond Pie.

Apple is expected to announce iOS 7 at a special event on Tuesday, along with one or more new iPhones. Assuming the company follows its usual pattern, the new iOS version would be available to users sometime before the end of the month. CNET will host a live blog of Apple's September 10 event.

Catch CNET's live coverage of Apple's September 10 event here. Our coverage starts at 9 a.m. PT.